Heartland Parade and past Festival:  Warm Blessings has participated in the parade and had an information booth and dunking booth at the festival.  We thank all of the volunteers who have walked in the parade, manned the information booth and those who were brave enough to be dunked in the dunking booth.

Paint Party is another way we raise funds to help fund our programs.

Warm Blessings, Inc.

Our Events

Cardboard Nation held each third Friday of September. This is the program’s largest fundraiser. In addition to raising funds for Warm Blessings it also raises awareness to poverty and homelessness issues. Participants collect donations to sponsor them “Sleeping in a Box” one night on the Elizabethtown Community and Technical College campus at the Fire Training Station area.  Much thanks to the community for great support. Our event is September 15, 2017 with registration starting at 7:00 p.m.

Since opening in 2006 Warm Blessings has served both Thanksgiving and Christmas meals with all the trimmings of the season. Santa has also visited and given out goodie bags to each child.

Warm Blessings has partnered with local agencies to provide donations of toys, blankets, and clothing to Warm Blessings patrons, Head Start parents, persons receiving assistance from the Domestic Violence Shelter, and to nearby school resource centers.

Empty Bowls is a soup and dessert fundraiser held in late February or March of each even year (2012-2014-2016…) and depending on the “March Madness” basketball schedule!  Volunteers and other community supporters make the clay bowls for the event. Everyone who attends gets a handmade bowl to remind them that some people’s “Bowls are Empty.” A highlight of the event is the auction of bowls made by community leaders.

Look for Pop-Up Events! :  Second Saturday and Valentine’s Brunch,  Chick-Fil-A Night……

If you have ideas for future fundraisers, would like to be involved in fundraising activities or volunteer efforts please call

(270) 763-9276 (WARM).